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It is very important that you have a licensed and insured state-certified general contractor perform work on your home. You should not be fooled or confused into thinking otherwise. This article is presented to help you become a more informed consumer and homeowner.

To do construction work in Florida, one needs to be registered or certified. A “registered” contractor has a license that is issued at the local level. It restricts the scope of what one can work and where. A “certified” license may be required by the county in which one works. There is additional confusion in that a county-certified contractor is NOT the same as a contractor with state certification. Contractors, like Milian Development Group, with a “certified general contractor” license from the State of Florida, are allowed to work anywhere in the state and on any size project. All the other designations are limited in either the area where they are allowed to work, or limited to the size and type of projects on which they are authorized to work. Milian Development Group has no such restrictions.

We are glad you have found us and we encourage you to shop around. Make sure you are interviewing only State of Florida, Certified General Contractors for your project! The C.G.C. designation ensures that you have the most qualified and experienced person for the job. Many contractors say they are “certified” or “registered”. Many only have a “CC” designation. That is NOT the same thing. Be careful!! How can you be sure? Easy! To check out Jorge L. Milian’s license, its information, & history or that of any of our competitor’s, go to the web and click here:

Jorge L. Milian’s CGC license is issued and governed by the Department of Business & Professional Regulation, Construction Industry Licensing Board. Address: 1940 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1039. Telephone: (850) 487-1395; Fax: (850) 921-4216. You can learn even more by clicking here:

Here’s some further information about Milian Development Group (Jorge L. Milian):

In order to qualify for the examination, one must be over 18 years old and meet the following requirements: A four-year construction-related degree from an accredited college (equivalent to three years experience) and more than one year of proven related experience. The Division I exams have three parts; business and finance, contract administration, and project management. The Division II exams have two parts; business and finance, and trade knowledge. Jorge Milian qualified for and passed this comprehensive and difficult exam on his first attempt.

Want to know more about us? See RESUME section for Jorge L. Milian in this website.

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