What is a Notice of Commencement & What should an Owner do about it?

For your protection under the Construction Lien Law, and to avoid the possibility of paying twice for improvements to real property, you should record a Notice of Commencement at the start of any construction project.

In fact, your governing Building & Zoning department will require it and it must be posted with your Permit prior to the first inspection.

Milian Development Group will assist our clients in filling out the form and getting it notarized. Forms may be accessed as follows:

Approved Form in Miami Dade County:

You must also record the Notice. How?

You have three options for recording your documents
in the Official Records;

  1. You can bring your original documents in person, along with the appropriate fees, to the main office located at the Courthouse East Building.
    Recording Department
    22 N.W. 1st Street, First floor
    Miami, Florida 33128
  2. You can mail your original documents along with the appropriate fees. Please mail documents for recording to the address listed below:
    Miami-Dade County Recorder
    P.O. Box 011711
    Flagler Station
    Miami, Florida 33101
  3. You can eRecord your document through one of our approved vendors. With this option, you retain your original document and the recorded image is available the next day. Additional information on this option, including links to the vendors,
    is available on the web at www.miamidadeclerk.com/eRecordings.asp